Monday, November 22, 2010

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Guns, Fear of them seen or unseen

I write this post after receiving a tweet on about if I was going to carry a firearm on me at an event today or not.

Let me go on the record now and say clearly for you all to read: "I am always in possession of a firearm."

There is no clearer way to write it, If I'm in the shower, on the toilet, swimming in the pool, sleeping, cooking dinner, taking a walk to the park, mall, or walking my daughter to school. I am just an arm's length away from a firearm and I am always able to protect myself from great bodily harm or death.

Now, let's talk about this in depth.

What triggered me to write this post is I was actually involved in a Protective Order case recently where I had the ordered dismissed due to the fact the individual who filed the order (Andrew Moody an Information and Referral Specialist for Arizona to Independent Living). He filed this ordered and claimed due to some personal grievances that he had with me, he knew I was a gun collector, he knew I participated in shooting sports, he tracked every online move I made on my gun blog and filed this order to stop me from buying and participating in the shooting sport and ownership.

The judge dismissed the order based off several reasons and my belief is the following:

1. One of Andrew Moody's arguments is that I should be prohibited from obtaining a CCW, this is do to the fact some how me carrying a gun concealed rather than openly brought a lot more fear to him rather than how I normally carry it, open.
2. His argument was really antigun, in general but he was trying to hide that statement based on fake fear and more political beliefs.
3. Andrew Moody claimed that I was a danger to his wife and child who I never knew of until he put their names in the order, because I owned or collected guns.
4. I argued and still belief that it would be totally unfair to restrict my access to guns due to the topic being a bonding, and family time issue here in my home, my daughter has participated and enjoyed her First Shots class and other involvement that I have introduced her to with the NRA.

Now, I want to focus on a point, Why would it scare you, him her or them, if I carried a firearm that was seen or unseen? why do so many people put fear in to my firearms but not my Pepper spray that I carry as well, my blind stick I carry as well, my Iphone4 that I carry as well.

Why is the gun such a big issue? it doesn't matter if I carry open or concealed it doesn't matter if I carry at all, I want to believe you'd have this same fake fear if it was some one sighted and not just the fact that I was blind, like Andrew Moody tried to argue.

Almost shows how much advocacy some have for others in political issues?

The 2A and the constitution is for all, even one who may be blind.

Side Note:
I am investigating the possibility of starting a 2A blind group in Arizona, if interested please contact me and let me know. It would cost me about $100 and I'll be willing to eat the cost, if I can get enough interest, due to experiences I've had in the past where individuals locally have tried to impede on those rights I think an advocacy group for blind 2A rights are in order.

Friday, April 9, 2010

hmmmmm now I should go buy a Caltek 9 or 40 hmmmmmm This is great man I am happy actually I am overjoyed I've been waiting for this day
I'm still taking that CCW course though for the education aspects

Thursday, April 8, 2010

I ask because there is something about carrying speed loaders I don't like just flopping loosely around my pockets especially HP rounds
does anyone know if they make a out of the waste holster for speed loaders? kind of like what they have for pistole mags?
well technically the governor still has to sign it but who said she wasn't going to? she believes in our rights she said soshe'll sign it
Hell yeh! We did Arizona now has CCW with no permit! now where to stash my 38 Snub? I will now take votes via email on where to holster it

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

This is just a small obsticle I had to overcome and I do that by taking my money and my skills some where else where I am respected
What I figure is I will spend 10 times than I ever spent on this in the past 18 months and I will not be stopped from reaching my dream
So you have to just relax take a breath and say hey I am better than that and I will do better than that. I'm Gabe Vega Yo!
in life there are times where you must walk away, be the bigger man and say I am in a battle of Brains and my adversary is unarmed
whats up peeps did I ever tell you I'm exausted. yeh really I am. its just time to move on thats all I will fulfill my dream just watch me

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

well peeps got to lay down and rest my head because tomorrow I got to get the daughter up for school and do what I do all over again. gnight
along with a spelling dictionary. lol!
tomorrow I will be so happy once I get this Keyboard working with my iphone can't do it now because proccedure requires sight and I lack
with 80% of people out there with beef its the 20% I value the most who respect and love me my friends, family and coworkers thanksn support
Can you believe it my board of directors allows me to head to the range before I head in to the office, life's great ain't it
I'll be typing on my Apple Bluetooth Keyboard in to my Iphone tomorrow from the Range Ain't that cool?
I am falling asleep to Fibber Magee and Molly an old time radio show have to be up at 6AM take daughter to school good night!
Ok thats my words for tonight good night and remember I'll always be around even when your walls come crumbling down
even after all of this who wants to bet I'll be served again soon and I'll have to win again its sad when you just can't admit defeat
I need a break I need to just head out to the desert with my buddy Rev and just escape out to no where for a while
There are times where you just have to realize that its over, you lose and fighting back is not in your best interest. its sad because I warned you I'd win
I repeat my prediction that the IPhone will be getting Bluetooth Keyboard imput in next Firmware release
BlindTech Gabe Vega has returned!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Finally on way home from meeting. I am tired. K

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Using iPhone app posting via ping
Send me one Ping just one, Ping

Monday, February 22, 2010

Why is the Second Amendment for everyone except the blind? According to AZ Shooters World?

Here are two letters I wrote to a friend of mine. I was excepted in to a CCW class at 2:45pm and lied to and told that I wasn't allowed to take the CCW course at AZ Shooters World at about 5:00PM the first letter is the exceptence and the second is the denial.

Sent at 2:43PM
I am writing to see what is new?

for me, I just got off the phone about an hour ago, with Jim Gibbs
over at Shooter's World, and after speaking to him I was told that
they would let me (?) take a CCW class.

although we can say, more like they are willing to train me, I am not
the one to argue at this point. oh, I am so happy, overwelmed with
joy, I am. this is somethintg I want bad. not for just the right to
conceal, but for the worth and feeling of accomplishment.

as a blind person I have been laughed out of paun shops, not even
being allowed to see//feel the guns or allowed to buy them being told
they wouldn't sale to a blind person. questioned by other shooter's
and laughed at for my love of the sport shooting, but this allows me
to prove to all, that I can, and I have the ability and skills to hit
ten in the ring of center mass.

Jim told me it wasn't me being blind, or it wasn't my shooting that he
was concerned about, he said being a former FBI Agent, he has been in
and practiced bDark shooting so it is possible. he was just unclear on
AZ DPS requirements etc.

but I've talked to DPS.

Vanessa, the thing that bothers me is we have all these damn gun nuts,
and people who claim to be for 2A rights, as long as you are like
them, or meet their standard. it brings me alot of confusion and you
can even say hurtful emotions when I am laughed at, told that I have
no business owning a gun, because I might shoot myself or some one
else on accident. it just doesn't seem right that people want rights,
yet restrict rights of other, or at least try to.

well, back on a happier note, I took my daughter Kayla, she is now
nine, to her First Shots class, a class given by NSSF and she enjoyed
it. she got 3 shots in center mass using a S&W 317 using single
action. I am proud of her. I have a pic of her on my Iphone, I will
send it soon.

Sent at 5:18PM

I just got a call from Andy, a front clerk at Shooter's World. She
told me that after Jim Gibbs talked to the Super Visor of the CCW unit
in AZ over at DPS, that Jim told her to call me and tell me that they
wouldn't be letting me take the class. They said due to the fact that
they are a privately owned company, they don't have to follow the ADA,
and that although they could let me have a reader for the written
test, they won't let me have a spotter for the range test. (which I
never asked for).

i am not understanding how not accomidating me for the range test has
any reason to not being willing to give me the course?

I am speechless, I feel I have been kicked in the stomach.

Vanessa, I have bought amo, 1 or two guns, holsters, amung other
things, as well as been a paying monthly subscription member for about
9 months, and I believe their fear is the liability.

This isn't fair Vanessa. I am asking myself how is this reasonable.
how is this possible. how can you take my money as a company every
month and call me a member and then when I want to get serious about
it all and take a class so important to me just tell me no and thats
the end of it?

Please advise me of what I can do at this point, why is it ok for
shooting sports/self defense places to preach 2A rights as long as
your not disabled, or for that much blind?

I never asked for range accomidations Vanessa, I was going to go in
twice a week, for two hours per session for a month and build up my
mussle memory in order to pass the range test. they pulled that all
out from under me and I am now just sitting here with tears of burning
frustration asking why this is ok? why am I locked out from the Second
Amendment of our Constitution? the one that we all as gun sports
persons claim that we all protect by getting in to the sport?

I am at a loss for words, and I feel very discouraged right now as a
blind person, Jim couldn't even call me himself to tell me he had the

Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks for your time.