Monday, May 18, 2009

I am Now a Member of the NRA

Here is the email I received today from the NRA:


Great news! Your NRA Membership has been processed! It is our great pleasure to welcome you to the NRA family.

Your new Member ID is xcd123456 and will expire May 2010. Please keep this email for your records. (ID edited for obvious reasons)

Even better news! Act now and you can extend your new Membership for another year for only $25.00! (Normally $35.00) This special offer is a great savings in addition to the many benefits you receive as a member of the NRA! Benefits which include:
(I am going to take them up on this offer)
A personalized NRA membership card and window decal; free insurance benefits; NRA affinity credit card (provided credit criteria is met); discounts at participating merchants, hotels and rental cars; access to the NRA's hunting, shooting and safety programs; invitations to exciting "Friends of NRA" family events and the representation of the most powerful and effective grassroots organization in the world!!

Thank you very much and welcome to your NRA!
(Thank you very much for bbeing some cool people dudes)
NRA Membership Services

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