Monday, May 11, 2009

Lol that was funny, But I didn't know!

So this morning I am at the range, yes I am adicted I try and go atleast two times a week. Why not its free with the membership. All I need is my spotter.

I rented a Ruger Mark3 because they didn't have 9mm RDS and I really wanted to rent the Ruger P95 (because I want to buy one). but what ever.

So I am loading the Mark3's mag and I put in about 7 rounds it what felt like a 10RD mag. I slap the mag in to the butt of the gun and rack the slide and well what I expected didn't happen.

What did I expect you ask? well I expected to rack it back, it stick back, and then I release the slide with the switch and in turn chambering a round.

So I keepracking the slide trying to make it stick back and rounds are flying out the right side of the gun. I am really frustrated on why this is happening, so I send my Subsitute Spotter (some one who has no experience in guns not my normal spotter who is a Army Vet) to go get a staff mmember while I sit and wait to figure out what the hell was going on.

So staff member comes back and wants to know the problem, I show him step by step what I am doing and he tells me it doesn't work that way. now excuse me I am a revolver guy and well it was funny yet educational to learn this operation of an auto.

He shows me that what I am expecting is not normal behavior for this gun and probably nother other Cemi-Auto gun and I laugh and apologize for wasting his time. he smiles and chukles too and leaves and I am happily on my way shooting the 50rds of .22LR out the Ruger Mark3.

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